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SJRusso Consulting

My purpose

is to help you win

Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true.

About Me

As a strategic business advisor, I challenge executives to think differently and more dynamically.


My background in funding, leadership & management development, strategic planning, and growth maximization is extensive. I'm an expert at scaling businesses, decision analysis, and navigating difficult staff/structure/business model decisions. 


I bring real-world experience in executive and C-level seats, along with thought leadership and strong critical thinking skills to help founders, entrepreneurs and business executives lead and manage their companies through development, growth, and exit.


My client list includes high performing Senior Executives in the technology, financial service, and manufacturing sectors.

When I'm not driving corporate innovation and scaling businesses, you’ll find me hiking or climbing mountains around the world.

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Recent Financial Wins

Closed Fundings


Successful Exits

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Founders • C-Suite • High Performers

As a strategic advisor, I help leaders align around their vision, mission, values, goals and action plans.

My passion is to grow businesses into successful ventures and help leaders develop systems and skills to scale.

Areas of Expertise • Where I Can Help

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Develop Objectives & Initiatives

Scenario Planning

Competitive Analysis

Measurable Goals

Decision Analysis

Org Change & Scaling

Maximize Productivity

Cap Table/Founders Structure
Seed Capital
Venture & Growth Capital
Venture Debt
M&A Strategy

Holistic Leadership

Whole Life Balance

Optimize Performance

  and Personal Growth

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